What organisations are behind the Oakley Support Network?

It was established by representatives from local community organisations, including the Oakley and Deane Parish Council, Oakley Community Association and St Leonard’s Church.


What geographical area does the Oakley Support Network cover?

It covers the residents of the Hampshire villages of Oakley, Deane, Newfound, Malshanger and

Wootton St Lawrence.


What sort of help does Oakley Support Network offer?

You can find a list of tasks that Oakley Support Network can help with here.  Please don’t worry if the help that you need is not on that list.  Just let us know what help you need when you 'phone and we will try to help you.


Can I ask for help on behalf of a relative or friend?



When are the telephones manned?

We are open between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Friday.  Please leave a message on our helpline (01256-268700).  We check the messages every day and will call you back by the end of the next working day.  


Who can I call if I need help urgently?

If you have a medical emergency, please call 999.  If you need medical advice, please call 101.


Is there a phone number that I can call if I need urgent help outside normal hours?

If you have a medical emergency, please call 999.  If you need medical advice, please call 101.

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Can you help me if I don’t really need help with tasks; I just feel very isolated?

Yes, you can ask for someone to phone you from time to time to check that you are okay.  We can then tell you about activities that are being set up to help you to stay in contact with people around you.  


Will someone contact me when I have left a message?

Yes, a volunteer from the Oakley Support Network checks the messages every day from Monday to Friday).  We will call you back by the end of the next working day.  


How will I know that the Volunteer that phones me is from the Oakley Support Network?

We recognise that it is very important for you to feel safe when using the Oakley Support Network, so you can ask the volunteer details about the help that you requested, in order to confirm that they are from the Oakley Support Network.


How do I know that the information that I give to the Oakley Support Network will be safe?

We operate a very strict data protection/control policy for the personal data held by the Oakley Support Network.  If you would like to read our Privacy Policy, please follow this link.


What tasks can I volunteer to do?

There is a list of day to day tasks that many local residents need help with here.  We also need help to operate the Oakley Support Network, eg technical support, call handling, administration.  If the help that you want to give is not on the list, please tell us what you can offer and we might well know someone who would value your help.


What happens if I volunteer to help and then have to go into self-isolation?

You can change the tasks that you are volunteering to do at any time.  There are some tasks that you can do when you are self-isolating if you would like to!


Can I volunteer if I am self-isolating?

Yes, there are ways to help when you are self-isolating, eg call handling.


Can I volunteer if I am under 18 or over 70?

You can certainly volunteer if you are over 70.  Sadly, under 18s are unable to volunteer to work with the OSN.


I can only volunteer for a couple of hours each week.  Is that enough?

Yes, you can volunteer as much as you like.  You can change the amount of volunteering time that you offer at any time.


Can I volunteer or ask for help through the Oakley Support Network if I live outside the Oakley Support Network area?

At the moment, we only have sufficient resources to accept requests for help or offers of help from residents in Oakley, Deane, Newfound, Malshanger and Wootton St Lawrence.  If you need help or would like to volunteer and you live outside the OSN area, please contact Basingstoke Voluntary Action (BVA) via their website or by 'phoning 01256-423816.


Who is Decanha Ltd and what is their relation to the Oakley Support Network?

Decanha Ltd is an IT consultancy based in Oakley, which is providing IT infrastructure and data control services free to the Oakley community.



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