The Oakley Support Network is a network of volunteers and processes to ensure the safe and secure delivery of support services to residents of Oakley, Deane, Newfound, Malshanger & Wootton St Lawrence, during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

We are able to provide a variety of services to the community. We are able to provide telephone support as well as requests via an online portal.

The Oakley Support Network is here to support you. Please contact 01256 268700 

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The phone number will connect you to our team of friendly volunteers,
where you can request assistance or find out the most up to date information

You can find the latest update from Basingstoke Voluntary Action HERE

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support network

Oakley, Deane, Newfound, Malshanger & Wootton St Lawrence


Community Coronavirus/COVID-19 support and assistance

01256 268700

10am - 4pm Monday - Friday
(please leave a message and we will call you back)

This website is being hosted and operated by Decanha LTD. It is being run at zero cost and donated to the Oakley Village Community. Decanha LTD is a single-director firm run by a resident of Lightsfield, Oakley, and is a legal business entity the community is using to provide infrastructure/computing services such as this website, the phone system and other communication technologies. Decanha LTD is also acting as the data controller for all personal data submitted through the Village Community Support website, forms & phone system, with support from the community members. 

Registered Company Number: 12414466

Director: Robert Stephen de Canha-Knight

Registered Office Address: 14 Lightsfield, Oakley, RG23 7BL

Data Protection Officer: Robert Stephen de Canha-Knight      ICO Registration Number: ZA640626

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